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Since 1956 selling fabrics per meter

In Teixits Baig you can buy all kinds of fabrics per meter: carnival fabrics, patchwork, felt, mat, velvet, satinette, fantasy, tablecloth, savannah, veil, cotton, terry towell, burlap, costume, burlap, vichy fabric, flags, curtain, wadding, stiff tulle, interlinings, chintz, "estelades", lining, dress, skirt, canvas, knit fabric, linen, polar fleece, canvan / linen, hair fabric, can can, gauze, flannel, fardero, foam, fleece, crushed velvet, camouflage fabric, mesh, sequins, lycra, lamb fur, canvas, suede, patent leather, mexican poncho, crepe, lace fabric, pellon, brocade, kashmir, upholstery, lame, spanish dance, awning, dotted, coat, duvet cover, cushion, cross-stitch, serge, gabardine, poplin, voile, crepe, panama, silk, pants, stretch, sofa cover, pillow, blind, satin, strech, viscose, guipur, leatherette, jeans, quilting...

Featured Fabrics

  • Ribbed knit

    Ribbed knit

    Ribbed knit fabric. It's a slightly elastic winter fabric, ideal for making jerseys, dresses, tracksuits cuffs...Width Composition150 cm 85% Polyester 10% Viscose 5% Elastane

    16,40 € per meter
  • Linen


    Linen fabric with rustic texture. It's a fresh fabric ideal for summer: to make pants, skirts, jackets...Width Composition145 cm 100% Linen

    14,40 € per meter
  • Crepe patterned tablecloth

    Crepe patterned tablecloth

    Crepe fabric pattern for making tablecloths, napkins... It is a very strong fabric, easy washing and ironing, do not wrinkle and is very durable.Width Composition150 cm 70% Polyester 30% Cotton

    8,90 € per meter
  • Resinated tablecloths

    Resinated tablecloths

    Polyester and cotton waterproof fabric with layers of resin and Teflon. Fully waterproof and stain resistant. Cleaned with a damp cloth. Machine wash advisable occasionally with cold water or 30 degrees. To make tablecloths, bags and acessories.Width Composition ...

    8,70 € per meter
  • Kitchen curtain
    On sale!

    Kitchen curtain

    Etamin lace curtain fabric with cherry print and finished with a border on each side. To make kitchen curtains.Width Composition280 cm 100% Polyester

    9,50 € per meter
  • Pleated fabric
    On sale!

    Pleated fabric

    Chiffon fabric, very fine, soft and vaporous. Its main characteristic is the pleat. Used for skirts or dresses. To measure the required size you must count the waist contour instead of the width. In the case of skirts, if a length of 70 cm is sufficient, half hip contour will suffice....

    24,90 € per meter
  • Cotton printed canvas

    Cotton printed canvas

    100% cotton canvas with digital printing. The width of 280 cm allows to use it to make curtains, bedspreads, tablecloths, cushions, sofa covers... It can also be used for upholstering.Width Composition280 cm 100% Cotton...

    16,50 € per meter
  • Patterned canvas 140 cm

    Patterned canvas 140 cm

    Patterned canvas fabric very durable and with many utilities. For curtains, tablecloths, bags, quilts and crafts.Width Composition140 cm 80% Cotton 20% Polyester

    17,40 € per meter
  • Patchwork applications

    Patchwork applications

    Patchwork applications of different sizes and drawings. Ideal for putting on a backpack, cushion, apron, etc. Buy footage in pieceSize Composition...

    2,00 €
  • Blue patchwork nature

    Blue patchwork nature

    Collection patchwork fabrics printed with different shades of blue.Width Composition150 cm 100% Cotton

    12,50 € per meter
  • Patchwork flowers

    Patchwork flowers

    100% cotton fabric with printed flowers of different colors. To make patchwork crafts and also for children's clothes and accessories, curtains, cushions...Width Composition150 cm 100% Cotton

    9,80 € per meter
  • Purple patchwork nature

    Purple patchwork nature

    Collection patchwork fabrics patterned with different shades of purple.Width Composition150 cm 100% Cotton

    12,50 € per meter
  • Non-slip mesh

    Non-slip mesh

    Non-slip latex mesh to put under carpets or rugs. It has a thickness of 2 mm and is ideal for small carpets on the side of the bed or a corridor and for carpets of soft base, such as "kilim" and "jarapa". Just put the non-slip mesh between the floor and the carpet, without having to sew the two parts....

    7,90 € per meter
  • Waterproof fabric

    Waterproof fabric

    Very thin and light, but resistant waterproof fabric. It's similar to the umbrella fabric and has a smooth engraved grid. It can be used to make raincoats, protectors, bags, shower curtains, to line crafts, necessaries...Width Composition150 cm...

    6,80 € per meter
  • Patchwork Ibiza

    Patchwork Ibiza

    Patchwork fabric thicker than usual, with 15% polyester. For crafts, dresses, cushions, curtains, bags...Width Composition150 cm 85% Cotton 15% Polyester

    8,50 € per meter
  • Canvas outdoor pergola

    Canvas outdoor pergola

    Thick canvas for outdoor pergolas with a Teflon coating that repels water, oils and stains. It can also be used for upholstering, for curtains, cushions or for decoration.Width Composition Weight320 cm 100% Acrylic 229...

    19,80 € per meter
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