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Since 1956 selling fabrics per meter

In Teixits Baig you can buy all kinds of fabrics per meter: carnival fabrics, patchwork, felt, mat, velvet, satinette, fantasy, tablecloth, savannah, veil, cotton, terry towell, burlap, costume, burlap, vichy fabric, flags, curtain, wadding, stiff tulle, interlinings, chintz, "estelades", lining, dress, skirt, canvas, knit fabric, linen, polar fleece, canvan / linen, hair fabric, can can, gauze, flannel, fardero, foam, fleece, crushed velvet, camouflage fabric, mesh, sequins, lycra, lamb fur, canvas, suede, patent leather, mexican poncho, crepe, lace fabric, pellon, brocade, kashmir, upholstery, lame, spanish dance, awning, dotted, coat, duvet cover, cushion, cross-stitch, serge, gabardine, poplin, voile, crepe, panama, silk, pants, stretch, sofa cover, pillow, blind, satin, strech, viscose, guipur, leatherette, jeans, quilting...

Featured Fabrics

  • Lamé


    Black fabric covered with a bright point blade, for costumes, decorations, windows...Width Composition110 cm 100% Polyester

    4,80 € per meter
  • Lamb fur

    Lamb fur

    Fabric imitating hair sheep. Special for costumes and also to line outerwear.Width Composition150 cm 95% Acrylic 5% Polyester

    7,50 € per meter
  • Patterned stretch

    Patterned stretch

    Stretch fabric that fall with different patterns. It can be used to carnival costumes, pants, dresses, skirts, tunics... * The Stretch is a type of fabric. It's NOT elastic.Width Composition150 cm 100% Polyester...

    8,40 € per meter
  • Polar smooth

    Polar smooth

    Thick fabric and very soft fleece ideal for heat. For blankets, coats, jackets, vests...Width Composition150 cm 100% Polyester

    6,50 € per meter
  • Polar pattern "coralina"

    Polar pattern "coralina"

    Fabric very soft, thick fleece, also called coral, with different patterns. Fabric ideal for winter as warm and not heavy. It can be used to make blankets, coats, vests and craft.Width Composition150 cm 100% Polyester...

    7,90 € per meter
  • 3mm thick felt

    3mm thick felt

    Felt fabric 3mm thick, very stiff. Special for belts, hats or boots, but also for crafts of all kinds.Width Composition90 cm 100% Polyester

    7,40 € per meter
  • Short hair animal

    Short hair animal

    Hair fabric imitation of animals, especially for costumes and decor.Width Composition150 cm 100% Acrylic

    8,80 € per meter
  • Printed satin

    Printed satin

    Satin fabric with different prints for carnival costumes: Pirates, skulls, stars, stripes, Ladybug... Also for decoration.Width Composition150 cm 100% Polyester

    6,40 € per meter
  • Mexican poncho

    Mexican poncho

    Fabric called "alpujarreña" with colors striped for costumes and traditional Mexican ponchos, curtains...Width Composition150 cm 100% Polyester fibers

    7,40 € per meter
  • Lamé foam

    Lamé foam

    Lamé fabric with foam, ideal for volume costumes, boots or crafts. It can also serve to protect objects.Width Composition110 cm 100% Polyester

    8,90 € per meter
  • Minky


    Soft microfiber fabric and plush embossed forming chickpeas. Especially for young children to make blankets, quilts or bumper pads and stroller. It is also called coralline.Width Composition150 cm 100% Polyester...

    16,50 € per meter
  • Velvet martelé

    Velvet martelé

    Bright synthetic fabric type velvet with water and hang well, that does not fray. Suitable for all types of costumes or layers. To mallots ballet, dancing and skating. Also for decoration.Width Composition150 cm 100% Polyester ...

    4,80 € per meter
  • Chiffon or veil

    Chiffon or veil

    Very thin, transparent and shiny fabric to make costumes, veils, accessories, decoration...Width Composition150 cm 100% Polyamide

    3,50 € per meter
  • Waterproof fabric

    Waterproof fabric

    Very thin and light, but resistant waterproof fabric. It's similar to the umbrella fabric and has a smooth engraved grid. It can be used to make raincoats, protectors, bags, shower curtains, to line crafts, necessaries...Width Composition150 cm...

    6,80 € per meter
  • Tulle


    Tulle fabric with interwoven threads forming a grid. Its uses are varied: costumes, cancan, tu-tu, veils, hair accessories, decoration...Width Composition150 cm 100% Polyamide

    2,70 € per meter
  • Sackcloth, hessian or burlap

    Sackcloth, hessian or...

    Sackcloth, hessian or burlap fabric. Strong, rough and rustic fabric used for costumes, bags, decoration, traditional dances, bags...Width Composition Weight150 cm 100% Jute 290 GSM...

    4,30 € per meter
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